27-29 November 2017
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Macau
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Invest in our upcoming 3-day conference ‘Public Venues & Events: Security, Surveillance & Safety’, which provides you with access to leading best practices, latest threat trends and systems updates, security management and surveillance intelligence. The plenary sessions include ‘Applying Threat Intelligence and Analysis to Prevent Unwanted Incursions and Threats’, ‘Ensuring Security and Surveillance Agility toward Militancy and Simmering Tensions Regionally and Worldwide’, ‘Developing High Level Building Intelligence to Automate Security & Surveillance Functions’, ‘Security and Surveillance Operation in High-Tech Environments’ and ‘Behavioural Assessment and Threat Management for Prominent Buildings and Events’.


  • Leveraging methods and technologies to prevent unwanted or unauthorised entry
  • Developing personnel and corporate culture where safety and security is everybody’s job
  • Optimising surveillance in a security and safety context including video analysis, facial recognition, intelligent CCTV, software, different kinds of analytics
  • Identifying potential cases of security breach or organisational loss for escalation
  • Preventing stampedes, threats and intrusion, hostile vehicles, random shooter with anti-crime fencing and cage-off bollards
  • Creating Intelligent Buildings to provide automation and management for security and safety management and decreasing vulnerability to hacking
  • Financially resourcing the security department by making a case to get the job done
  • Ensuring venue and event safety and security measures to be taken in the context of increased global terrorism and tensions
  • Implementing proper analysis, threat identification, cognition of insider threats
  • Enhancing building security for integrated resorts and casinos plus other venues and event locations

**For the full list of confirmed speakers and the agenda, please contact Mary-Anne Loui at MaryA@marcusevanskl.com

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